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They are tired of "Winging It"

There are no shortcuts in this game. It takes a SYSTEM and a PROCESS to be successful at any level in this sport. Even if you have our educational downloads, chances are you don't know HOW to incorporate them into your daily training or programming. Staying on this path will not allow you to maximize your progression & retention. TSOB is your fix and solution.

Not getting the Coaching/Training/Teaching they need.

As a BOXER they are experiencing one or more of the following: It's a known fact that unless you are the Champ in the gym, it can be difficult to get the attention and training that you need. Sparring may not be going well & your fight record follows suit. You are seeking a competitive edge. As a MMA | BKB ATHLETE OR COACH: They know they do not have the necessay Boxing / Footwork skills to match your grappling that will set them up to dominate your sport

They are a Personal Trainer looking to elevate their career

TSOB is perfect for the Personal Trainer who is ready to bring a legitimate boxing component to their scope of services and create immediate separation between themselves and the other trainers in their gym/area.

They are a Parent seeking to teach their child the science of Boxing

TSOB gives you a step by step process to ensure you learn and teach the fundamentals of boxing properly.

They are a Coach looking for a go-to source for their program & business

For a Coach, anxiety is a real thing. TSOB puts water on that. TSOB gives you a proven system for your gym that will erase your programming anxieties by giving you what you need on a daily basis to build a Champion and a sought after program.

They are a Gym Owner looking to save or scale their business

TSOB is your proven system for your gym that will attract and retain memberships while putting your miles ahead of your competition. Our unique Triangle Offense will put your gym in the lane with the world's most trusted & reliable source for boxing education. There is power in numbers!


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